SUPER POTATO- Retro gaming center- store and arcade in Akihabara (electronics city), Tokyo.

Sign out front showing 3 floors. Speakers are blaring super famicon retro music
out onto the street. Floor 3 is cartridges, Floor 4 is mostly CD platforms, and Floor 5 is the arcade!

Famicon consoles for sale.

Super famicon consoles!

Some sort of super famiconbox?? like a cartridge jukebox??

Remember the nintendo R.O.B.? the famicon original, for sale in box..

Famicon version of the exercise pad.

Tons of famicon carts. Tons of all kinds of carts.

Sega consoles- genesis, dreamcast.

Some sega console.

Neo Geo systems in shrinkwrap!

And in the box! for sale!

Nintendo vitual boy setup.

Virtual boy for sale in box, some other stuff.

Mario welcomes you to the super potato!

Some weird art blocks from nintendo- i think there were some kits for sale.

Super potato!!

Some weird casette vision console.

Handheld game stuff from the 80s.

Multiscreen donkeykongs for about US$40.

Lots of color printouts of game screenshots all over the walls!

In the 5th floor arcade, this 3 foot tall arcade version of the game boy.

Tabletop mame machines- 100yen per play (cheap for JP arcades)

Loaded with coin-op ROMs. You can multiplay 2p, hold down 1p button for 3

seconds to escape to main ROM menu.

Arcade shot- throne made of famicon carts.

More carts.